fails (2017): Evening-length experimental dance duet created and performed by Blake Beckham + Hez Stalcup. Presented by The Lucky Penny at Work Room, Atlanta, GA. Co-presented with New Noise at Catapult, New Orleans, LA. | Live original music by Pamela_and her sons | Light by Danny Davis. 


Heads Up (2016, 2017).  Annual presentation of works by resident artists of The Lucky Penny's Work Room


OneAnother (2016): Evening-length dance performance by choreographer Blake Beckham, presented by The Lucky Penny at the Mary Gray Munroe Theater, Atlanta, GA. Created in collaboration with performers Anna Bracewell Crowder, Sarah Freeman, Emily Hammond, Claire Molla and Melissa Word | Original sound by Blake Williams | Light by Dylan Phillips | Scenic design by Jane Foley, Dana Haugaard and Malina Rodriguez | Technical Direction and Production by Danny Davis + Protect Awesome | Costuming by Nicole Moreland.


Honey, You Know Where to Find Me (2015) presented by The Lucky Penny at the Elevator Factory, Atlanta, GA. Curated by Andrew Alexander, featuring choreographers Blake Beckham, Corian Ellisor, T. Lang, MaryGrace Phillips, and Erik Thurmond.


Dearly Departures (2014) Evening-length performance by choreographer Blake Beckham, featuring a hand-crafted split-flap display board in a set design by Malina Rodriguez. Presented by The Lucky Penny at DramaTech Theatre, GA Tech | Dance performances by Alex Abarca, Anna Bracewell, Alisa Mittin, Claire Molla and Erik Thurmond | Original score by Paul Kayhart | Lighting by Dylan Phillips with Brent Glenn | Costuming by Shay Buckley | Lead Scenographers: Julia Hill and Brandon Ross | Lead Engineer: Myron Lo | Lead Programmer: Daniel Garver | Lead Scenic Artists and Makers: Malina Rodriguez, Christine Curran, Margaux Villinger, Lynne Clark, Jane Garver, Terp Vairin, Danny Davis, Jeff Lohmuller, Ben Arthur, Nick Kahler, Andy Pruett, Chris Carter, and Nadia Morgan with support from many devoted Lucky Penny volunteers.


Colony presented by The Lucky Penny at Theater Emory's Breaking Ground Series (2014). Created and performed by Kelly Bond + Melissa Krodman. 


Threshold (2012) Evening-length performance in a life-sized house made entirely out of cardboard, created by choreographer Blake Beckham and presented by The Lucky Penny at DramaTech Theater, GA Tech | Set Design by Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects | Art Direction by Malina Rodriguez | Dance performances by Alex Abarca, Claire Molla, Alisa Mittin | Original music by Santiago Páramo | Lighting by Joseph A. Futral | Technical Direction by Danny Davis | Production and Stage Management by Nadia Morgan | Project Management by Susan Williams | Sculpture by Karley Sullivan | Props and set dressings by George Long and Jane Garver | Costumes by Tian Justman | Sound design by Jon Summers | Video design by Chelsea Raflo


Dance Truck (2009 - present)  Under the direction of Malina Rodriguez, Dance Truck is a portable performance venue that delivers dance to the people in flat beds, trailers and pick-ups. Learn more at


Hidden Away, the library at night  (2013) A site-specific performance for the Decatur Library created by Nicole Livieratos and Phillip DePoy, presented by The Lucky Penny in partnership with the DeKalb County Public Library.


11.11.11 Spectacular! Spectacular! A festival of performances, discussions and installations across the grounds of The Arts Exchange on November 11, 2011. With visiting guests Jill Sigman (NYC) and Tahni Holt (Portland, OR) and local artists Alisa Mittin, T. Lang, Maryn Whitmore, The Back Pockets, Santiago Parámo, WonderRoot's Loose Change Magazine, Nicole Livieratos and Patricia Henritze, plus dance films curated by Dance Truck, and a gallery exhibit subject to live criticism by Karen Tauches and Jeremy Abernathy of BurnAway.


PLOT (2011) An evening-length, site-specific performance created by Blake Beckham for The Goat Farm Arts Center, presented by Dance Truck | Performances by Blake Beckham, Emily Christianson, Camille Jackson and Alisa Mittin | Artistic Direction, Technical Direction and Lighting by Malina Rodriguez | Production Management by Danny Davis | Art Direction by Julia Hill | Video and Sound by Neil Fried | Costumes by Shay Buckley | Sound Design by Jon Summers